e-Office Presentation

e-Office Presentation


The Guardia Civil has reached the 21st Century with a strong determination to promote and consolidate the use of safe online services within the university community and in its relations with other entities.

The actions aimed at facing this technological challenge started with the strategic plan "Towards an Electronic Administration", approved in June 2005, and with the creation of a web portal for Electronic Administration. This plan was born with the aim of bringing the e-Office administrative services to citizens, as well as providing them with all the necessary tools and knowledge to use it; this was the seed of the Guardia Civil e-Office.

By updating the Guardia Civil e-Office, our Institution takes an important step towards the fulfilment of the mandate imposed by Law 11/2007, of 21 June, on electronic access of citizens to Public Services. This law recognizes the right of citizens to interact with public administrations by electronic means, and is aligned with the current regulatory framework of Laws 39/2015 and 40/2015 of 1 October, that allow systematizing all the regulation regarding administrative procedure and streamlining procedures with a fully electronic operation.

Through the new e-Office, this Institution makes available to citizens a number of services and procedures (new services and procedures will be progressively included) where the parties concerned will be able to communicate online, thus saving time and reducing the documentation to be provided.

Since the "e-Register" can be directly accessed from the home page of the e-Office, written documents, requests and administrative communications can be submitted by electronic means, in accordance with the provisions of Order INT/2936/2009.

Together with the procedures, we have included a Notice Board with the aim of increasing agility and transparency in the actions of our administrative and governing bodies. This Notice Board is accessible 24/7/365 from any Internet access point. Resolutions and administrative acts of the bodies and services of Guardia Civil will be published on the Notice Board, specifying whether their publication has an alternate or complementary nature.

In order to operate the Guardia Civil e-Office, those electronic signature systems compliant with Law 59/2003, of 19 December, on Electronic Signature will be accepted if they are adequate to ensure the identification of the participants and, where applicable, the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents, and if they are compatible with the technical means available to the Organization. Citizens will be able to use the following electronic signature systems to interact with the Guardia Civil: in all cases, the systems embedded in the National ID Document; advanced or recognized electronic signature systems (including those based on a recognized electronic certificate); as well as others based on the use of passwords arranged in a former registration as a user, information previously provided and known by both parties and other cryptographic systems, under the terms and conditions established ad hoc.

Citizens can contact the Guardia Civil e-Office using its "Mailbox".

The software needed to access the procedures and services of the Guardia Civil e-Office will be made available to citizens on this web site for download and installation. Likewise, in compliance with accessibility policies, an explanation will be provided in order to adapt browsing to the needs of each user.

Launching this e-Office is only the first step in a process aimed at achieving a modern administration adapted to new technologies, not only as far as human and material resources are concerned, but also as regards procedures and ways of action. We are convinced that all this will benefit citizens who contact us.