¿How to handle a procedure at the e-Office?

  1. Choose the procedure from the top menu, from the bottom menu at "home" or the one at the bottom.
  2. After clicking on the Access button, you need to authenticate the access by cl@ve.
  3. After authentication by one of the cl@ve methods, you will have access to a form.
  4. Fill in the form. In some cases, payment will be allowed and the relevant fields will be created for this purpose.
  5. The application will inform you by e-mail of the start of your procedure after completing this step.
  6. After completing this step, the application can provide a proof of registration and an authenticated copy of the application including a CSV.
  7. Subsequently, in "My files” menu you can retrieve your Application, communications, Requirements or Resolution,...

¿Does the Electronic Register replace the General Register?

No. The Guardia Civil e-Register is a registry office under the terms of the Royal Decree 263/1996, but it is only authorized to send and receive applications, documents and communications related to the procedures included in the annex to Ministerial Order INT/2936/2009 and subsequent modifications.

These procedures will be published visibly on the e-Register home page. In all cases, you can always use any General Register office for such procedures.

A generic form has been made available for the submission of documents and communications not related to specific procedures and formalities of other procedures.



¿Can I use the Guardia Civil's e-Register to submit documents to other public institutions?

No, only applications, documents and communications related to those Guardia Civil procedures published on the e-Register home page can be submitted.



¿How do I know if the Guardia Civil has received any documentation that I have submitted to the e-Register?

The e-Register will automatically issue a voucher attesting the submission of the document, application or communication in question, which will include the data provided by the party concerned, indicating the date and time at which such submission took place on the server and a registration number to identify the transaction.

The above-mentioned voucher consists of an electronic file signed with a certificate of the Guardia Civil web server that guarantees the non-repudiation by the Directorate General of the Guardia Civil of the data provided by the applicant. It is very important to save the file.



¿How can I validate the signature on the voucher?

In order to validate the digital signature of the voucher issued by the e- Register, you must install the Guardia Civil web server certificate and expressly trust the signatures created by this certificate.



¿What can I do if I've lost the voucher?

In the My files option you can see a list of the applications made and download the relevant voucher for each one of them.



¿Is a Windows operating system necessary to use the e-Register?

No. You can use Linux-based operating systems, with Mozilla.

Necessary requirements can be consulted in the Technical Requirements option available in this e-Office



¿What is a digital certificate?

A digital certificate allows for the holder’s identification. It ensures the identity of the person who establishes the telematic communication and, if it is used to sign data, it guarantees that neither these data nor the identity of the signatory have been modified.

For example, on the Ceres website you will find information about what a digital certificate is.



¿How can I obtain a digital certificate?

You can obtain a digital certificate from any of the recognized certificate issuing Authorities.  For example, on the Ceres website you will find information on how to obtain a digital certificate.



¿Can I use my electronic national ID document to access the e-Register?

Yes. As stated in the Declaration of Certification Practices for the electronic ID document, the electronic certificates contained therein may be used as a means of electronically authenticating identity and document signing.

The electronic ID document enables the physical identification of its holder, identification in electronic media and the use of an electronic signature as if it were handwritten. This prevents the signatory’s identity theft.

It is necessary to download and install the appropriate drivers. You can download them from the following link: Electronic national ID document



¿How do I change my certificate after login?

When a server requests an authentication certificate verifying your identity, the chosen certificate is cached in an SSL session. The chosen certificate will remain in the cache until you restart your browser.

If you click on “Clear SSL Status” in the “Content” tab of the Internet Options dialogue box, all client authentication certificates in the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) cache will be deleted without opening a new browser window.